UK VPN Vista Set Up Guide


UK VPN Vista Set Up Guide

UK VPN Vista Set Up Instruction


Free UK VPN set up guide for Windows Vista, the step by step instructions for PPTP are below:
UK VPN Vista Set Up Guide


1. Open Network and Sharing Centre in the Control Panel
2. Click Start then Control Panel
3. Click Network and Sharing Centre
4. Click Setup a connection or network
5. Click Connect to a workplace then Next
6. Click Use my Internet Connection
7. Enter in the Internet Address field then Next
8. Type FreeUKVPN in the Destination name field
9. Check Don’t connect now then Next
10. Type in the username and password that is provided on the home page screen
11. Click Create and then Close


No longer supported by MS, but still a good UK VPN supported device.

How to Connect

1.Click Start, Connect To, FreeUKVPN Connect
2.Type in the FreeUKVPN username and password
3.Click Connect


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