Uk Smart DNS Available Now !

UK Smart DNS (Domain Name System) is an exciting and revolutionary way to view UK content from anywhere in the world without the use of a UK VPN. UK Smart DNS does not use any of your existing bandwidth to set up the connection to the UK which means that if you are in a country or location with low internet speeds it may still be possible to stream online content, even better if you have a good or excellent internet connection then it maybe possible to stream UK content in High Definition.

What is Uk Smart DNS ?

Smart DNS enables expats or people interested in viewing UK content by creating a bypass to local UK online restrictions. When you connect to the UK Smart DNS system via your internet enabled device (laptop, smart phone, tablet etc) a proxy is created and you traffic is rerouted via our servers in the UK which instantly allows you to view online TV services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV on Demand and 4OD etc. As our UK Smart DNS does not encrypt data (like a UK VPN) it means that it enables user a faster exchange between websites which increase the likelihood of faster streaming.

Uk Smart DNS Set up

Setting up a UK Smart DNS connection on your internet enabled device is easy and does not require you to download any third party SW or any external applications. Once you have set up the connection it can be used across an entire network which means if you are a UK expat living abroad with a numerous people living in your house it means that everyone can be connected and watch different content with one subscription.

How do I get a Uk Smart DNS Subcription

Easy, simply surf to our homepage and choose one of the great value packages that are available from only £.374 per month. f:UK VPN offer the world’s cheapest UK, US and UK Smart DNS packages. All UK SmartDNS are unlimited, have premium UK VPN and US VPN connections included and have a full premium support included.